Luis Silva, Chairman of the EMO (European Mortar Industry Organisation) Technical Committee, Director Técnicona Saint-Gobain Weber, Portugal

«I have to say — I am impressed. I ready imagine from the starting that will be something interesting. But I was not so aware that in Russia there was so many specific details in our materials… I’ve been receiving a lot of information, and this is very nice. I also like the organisation — you are very, very good in organising things, and do your people assisting the meetings.

The event was very interesting as sharing knowledge, information and concerns.

Was a good opportunity to meet new persons involved in the same topics but having different views and coming from different expertise levels.

At the end, I just can be grateful in my and EMO´s name to be part of it!»

"This is my first time in Russia. Interest presentations. A lot of new impressions and new experiences."

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