Journal articles

Komokhov P. G.

«Protective Concrete Against the Radiation (part 1)»

Komokhov P.G.

«Protective Concrete Microstructure after Long-Term Radiation Exposure (Part 2)»

Ryzhov I. N., Romanov A. N.

«Self-compacting Concrete mixes Production and  usage»

Jakovleva M. J.

«Thermoplastic sheet linings for concrete. Properties and application»

Susorov I. A., Efimova D. U., Koreshonkova M. O.

«Anticorrosive and waterproofing composition based on bivynilstyrol»

Gagarin V. G.

«Mathematical modelling of fluid movement in a capillary-porous material at isothermal capillary suction of liquids»

 Anvarov A.R., Latypova Т.V., Latypov V.М.

«Securing reinforced concrete durability in normal exploitation conditions»

Pavlenko S.I., Lukhanin M.V.

«Low-cement and cementless concretes from recoverable mineral resources for various purposes»

Ko Ikeda and Akira Mikuni

«Chemistry of geopolymers and diversification of fillers to waste origin»

Latypova T.V.

«Quality of concrete surface preparation before repairing defective reinforced concrete constructions at drainage sites»

Golitzynski D.M.

«Sprayed concrete in construction»

Volgushev A.N.

«Technology, Properties and Fields of Application of Sulphurous Compositions (state of the issue) (Part 1)»

Solovianchik A.R.

«Residual temperature stresses in concrete and their part in providing crack-resistance in ironconcrete constructions»

Royak G.S.,Granovskaya I.V.,Dobkin V.S.,Tarasova A.Yu.,Milenin D.A.

«Application of polycarboxylates in concrete — modern method of improving quality of concrete and concrete mixes»

Volgushev A.

«Technology, Properti es and Fi elds of Appli cati on of Sulphurous Compositions (state of the issue) (part 2)»

Prokhorov A.N.,Orlov A.V.

«The problem of increasing reinforced concrete products surface quality»

Evdokimov N.I.

«Modern formwork structures and future development of formwork activities»

 Krotikov А.B.

«Experience of technical re-equipment of construction industry facilities»

Sari M.

«The setting and hardening regulation of mineral pastes (Some recent advances on alkali and chloride free setting accelerators )»

Paplavskis Ya.M.

«Interstate standards for autoclaved cellular concretes and products made of them»

Podmazova S.A.

«Concretes and cements for them»

Puharenko Yu.V.,Kovaleva A.Yu.

«Problems and solutions in fibre concrete composition development»

Voilokov I.A.

«Fibre–reinforced concrete — backg round.Normative base , problems and solutions»

Gussev B. V.,Dobshitz L. M.

«An outstanding scientist in the field of physicochemistry of cement and concrete»

Baharev M. V.

«The use of cement with mineral additives in contemporary concrete production»

Trofimov B. Ya.

«Modern concept of frost resistance of concrete»

Solovyanchik A. R., Bolshakov E. L., Ginzburg A. V., Kozlov L. N.

«Physical-technical bases of ensuring required quality of work in repairing reinforced concrete transport structures»

Bikbau M. Ya.

«Nano-, micro — and macro-capsulation — new directions for obtaining composite materials and items with these qualites»

 Zakharov A. G.

«Undisclosed reserves of tunnel formwork in russian construction conditions»

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